King’s Royal Hussars in Estonia

British Army Kings Royal Hussars Op CABRIT Estonia Ex Spring Storm Corwn, 2019

King’s Royal Hussars on Op CABRIT, Estonia (Crown Copyright, 2019)

Around 700 British soldiers deployed on Operation CABRIT are taking part in Exercise Spring Storm, a major Estonian-led exercise involving 10,000 NATO troops. The UK-led NATO battle group sees the King’s Royal Hussars, freshly depoloyed to Estonia, operating the Challenger 2 main battle tank, with support from Apache and Wildcat helicopters of the Army Air Corps and RAF Typhoons.

Ex Spring Storm is intended to provide a vital test and demonstration of the rapid deployment of NATO forces in support of the Estonian Defence Force.

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King’s Royal Hussars

The King’s Royal Hussars (KRH) is a cavalry regiment of the British Army and part of the Royal Armoured Corps. Based at Tidworth Camp, the regiment was formed in 1992 and serves as the armoured regiment of the 12th Armoured Infantry Brigade. Under Army 2020 Refine, it will exchange its Challenger 2 tanks for Ajax vehicles. The regiment is organised into a total of five squadrons, each of which retains the title of one of its antecedent regiments (where applicable):

  • A Squadron (The Twentieth Hussar Squadron)
  • B Squadron (The Fourteenth Hussar Squadron)
  • C Squadron (The Eleventh Hussar Squadron)
  • D Squadron (The Tenth Hussar Squadron)
  • Support Squadron


Sgt Brian Gamble, 77th Brigade. Crown Copyright, 2019.
Camera:  Nikon D7200.